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Learning from FANG’s Past

Although much movement is already behind them, the “FANG” stocks still have a lot of room for growth ahead of them. FANG is an acronym that accounts for four of the biggest tech stocks in the game right now: Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Google (Alphabet). These four stocks have made huge strides in the last […]

Earnings on McDonalds

McDonald’s to Announce Earnings

McDonald’s, the iconic fast food restaurant, is set to announce their fourth quarter earnings on Monday, January 25th, right before the start of the business day. Thanks in part to a big overhaul of their menu, experts have boosted their earnings outlook for the company. Many believe that this could be the company’s best quarter […]

One More Reason to Trade the News

If you’ve never tried to trade the news, or you have doubts about how effective it can be, take a look at a recent example that occurred with the company Under Armour. The company is not huge, but they do have a commanding presence in the athletic apparel sector, and when their CFO and COO, […]