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Using a 15 Minute Time Frame to Excel

The 15 minute expiry period can be a bit tricky due to the fact that it’s neither a form of fast binary options trading, not is it one of the lengthy expiry periods. This expiry period can be used to generate profits, just as any period can. What makes the 15 period different than some of the others is that planning, analysis, and execution must include the selection of the proper instrument to go along with this “in-between” time frame.

When using the basic binary options Put or Call trade, the 15 minute expiry is best used along with a steady price trend. Faster trends tend to be more prone to faster price reversals and therefore are better paired with super-short expiry periods. It’s often wise to purchase this type of contract only after a price trend has been identified, so not so far into the trend that reversal has become highly likely. Although not as risky as one hour binary options trades, 15 minutes is long enough for market sentiment to change, so don’t bypass fundamental analysis.

When using One Touch trades, 15 minute expiry times are often a nice selection. This time period can be more than enough to allow the asset price to touch the target price when conditions are right. Here again, you’ll want to be working with a trend, one which is moving in the direction of the target price. With proper analysis, this instrument and expiry time are an excellent pair. Similarly, the No Touch binary options trade may also be a fine choice for this expiry time.

For boundary and range trades, you’ll be looking for a combination of stable asset price and lack of external factors which could upset the current market sentiment. With nothing major to alter investor opinion in relation to the asset, the 15 minute expiry is going to be a fine choice for this type of binary options trade. Pay close attention to the space between the upper and lower price points. If you plan to go with a smaller gap, you’ll need to double check asset price movement to ensure that the movement is minimal. If not, a wider gap is going to be the better option despite the fact that the profit rate will be lower.

Just because 15 minute expiry periods are not part of fast trading doesn’t mean that they cannot be used to generate fast profits. If you’re good with analysis, there is no reason why you could not execute several of these binary options trades in an hour or less. The truth of the matter is that this expiry was once quite popular, but has been pushed to the wayside with the introduction of new expiry periods. Sure, it may not be as flashy as some of the other expiry periods, but it still serves as a solid section for use with several different types of market conditions.